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School of Dogs offers Private Training, Group Training Classes, Workshops for Parents and Grandparents-to-be as well as Summer Camps and Training Classes for Kids.

Private Lessons

School of Dogs offers private lessons in your home and surrounding environment.

  • Good Manners Training, for puppies and adult dogs, teaches the general behaviors that we want our dogs to perform on cue, e.g. sit, down, come, wait, leave it, stay, give, polite greeting, polite leash walking.
  • Behavior modification training is also taken out of the home to parks, stores, traffic situations, etc. when modification protocols require this.

    Behavior modification is an individually tailored program to help change an undesired or problem behavior, e.g. barking, digging, house soiling, resource guarding and others.

Classes & Workshops
  • Puppy Kindergarten – The main focus of this class is socialization. Your puppy will have exposure to a wide variety of surfaces, noises, people and items in a controlled positive manner. We want your puppy to become a well adjusted adult dog and help prevent furture behavior problems. Every week we will cover a different of husbandry, safe nail clipping, teeth brushing, grooming, vet visits, brushing, dry toweling and ear cleaning. General puppy challenges will be discussed, house training, jumping, chewing etc. "Sit" and "Come" will be the basic manners and of course some supervised play time at the end of class.
  • C.L.A.S.S. - Canine Life and Social Skills – This program was devoloped by the APDT and covers all basic manners your dog needs—sit, down, come, give, wait, stay etc. Each class covers the contents you need to help your dog earn a BA, MA or PhD in Canine Life and Social Skills. This program is exactly what your dog needs after Puppy Kindergarten.
  • Dog Training for Kids – Kids will learn to teach their dogs some tricks, how to read dog body language and play some fun games. This class is a great bonding experience for your child and dog.
  • Dog Training Summer Camp for Kids – Kids and their dogs will enjoy a week of tricks, games, agility and more.
  • Summer Camps for Kids and their dogs will be held at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD.
  • Dog Training Classes for Kids are offered at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD.
Classes & Workshops
Private Sessions


  • Initial session – 1½ to 2 hours – $190
  • Follow up – 1 hour – $95
  • Package of Initial plus 2 Follow ups – $360
  • Puppy Package – 6 x 1 hour – $500
  • Day Training Package – 5 x 1 hour – $350
  • Day Training Package plus 1 Follow up – $440
  • Dogs & Storks Private Session – $190
  • Dog & Baby Connection Private Session – $190
  • Dogs & Storks Workshop – $65 (10% Discount for returning Dogs & Storks participants)
  • Dog & Baby Connection Workshop – $65
  • Classes – $165
  • Initial Session – A detailed quesitonnaire will be sent to you, to be filled out and returned before the session. This saves time and helps toward the evaluation. During the session we will discuss the issue in depth and then tailor an individual training protocol for your dog. We will get started on the first steps of the protocol.
  • Follow Ups – These session help establishing further handling skills, continuing the started training plan and discuss possible modification to the original protocol. The number of follow ups needed depends on the individual situation.
  • Puppy Package – A new puppy brings numerous challenges into the house, house training, nail clipping, crate training, chewing, jumping etc. We will address all of these items as well as socialization. The puppy package includes the Operation Socialization passport and program, so you can get your puppy off to the right start.
  • Day Training – For an entire week, while you are at work, we’ll come to your home and work with your dog on the behavior that you would like your dog to learn. So you can keep up the learned behavior we’ll want you to participate in the fifth session or schedule an additional follow up. Classes or workshops are held at Your Dog's Friend - please check for schedule on www.yourdogsfriend.info
  • Classes – Classes and workshops are held at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD. Please check for schedule on www.yourdogsfriend.info.
School of Dogs is currently serving:
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Bethesda
  • Chevy Chase
  • Silver Spring
  • Potomac
  • Kensington
  • Rockville
  • Takoma Park
  • Wheaton

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