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Hedda Garland
Hedda Garland is the founder of School of Dogs. She started her career in Germany, as an elementary school teacher. After moving to Washington, DC in the 90s, she became increasingly interested in working with dogs and their owners.

Hedda attended the Canine Behavior and Training, Behavior Modification, and Advanced Behavior Studies academies at Peaceable Paws. She also completed a one year formal apprenticeship under Pat Miller at Peaceable Paws. Her credentials include certifications by Pat Miller, as well as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an independet council in the dog training industry. Maintaining these credentials requires continuing education. Hedda frequently attends educational semiars and conferences, like Clicker Expo, APDT Conference, seminars conducted by Patricia McConnell, Steve White, Kathy Sdao, Sue Sternberg, Pia Silvani, Roger Abrantes, Nicole Wilde, Susanne Clothier, Terry Ryan, Sophia Yin,and others.

She serves Washington, DC and surrounding communities. She occasionally gives workshops for Your Dogs Friend (YDF), a non-profit organization in Montgomery County, MD. She teaches classes and summer camps for kids at Your Dogs Friend in Rockville, MD as well. Hedda also offers classes at the Happy Hound Club in Kensington, MD.

One of her special interests is in Assistance Dogs and the support they can provide to children with Autism. She has worked with several families with autistic children and their assistance dogs. She offers guidance and training to people who train their own assistance dogs.

Hedda is a presenter for Dogs & Storks and Dog & Baby Connection. These programs helps parents and grandparents-to-be in their endeavor to prepare their dogs for the arrival and life with a new family member or to adjust to the new stages of babys develpment while including the dog in activities and keep everone safe.

Hedda lives in Washington, DC with her husband, two sons and two Hovawarts. Hedda's credentials include:

  • CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
  • PMCT2 Pat Miller Certified Trainer
  • Operation Socialization Certified Trainer
  • Certified C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator
  • Presenter of Dogs & Storks and Dog & Baby Connection
Member of:
  • APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • MAAPPPT Mid-Atlantic Association of Professional, Positive Pet Trainers
  • Truly Dog Friendly
  • AHC American Hovawart Club
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School of Dogs
Hedda Garland
P. O. Box 5935
Washington D.C.  20016
Phone: 202.363.2310