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School of Dogs’ methods are based on positive reinforcement.

We use positive reinforcement to train your dog. Much of the time it means helping you train your dog, giving you the required tools your need to let your dog become a well adjusted companion.

Rewards other than treats can be toys, play or going for a walk. Treats can be anything that a dog desires: but small tidbits of food tend to work best with most dogs, especially when teaching new behaviors.

Clicker Training

At School of Dogs, we are strong believers in the Clicker. It is small device that creates a “clicking” sound when pressed. For your dog it is simply the promise for a treat, for us it is a communication tool. You click the moment your dog displays the desired behavior which is then subsequently rewarded with a treat. This pairing of the properly timed click with the subsequent treat is a powerful tool.

Animal trainers have used positive reinforecement to train animals as diverse as whales, elephants, and chickens. We coach you to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods. The clicker is an option, not an obligation.


We strongly believe in a solid socialization program designed to help you turn your dog into a well adjusted social companion. Socialization is the most important part when having a new puppy in the house. Young dogs are very impressionable and the early window within your puppies life time is not only important but very unique and not repeatable.

Therefore we focus on socialization in conjunction with puppy challenges, like chewing, house training etc. We distance ourselves from methods using force or those that are physically or psychologically harmful. School of Dogs does not support the use of choke chains, shock collars or prong collars. Our goal is to strengthen the bond and mutual trust between you and your dog.

Surrender your choke chain, prong collar or shock collar with your intial training session and we might have a surprise for you.

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